Firefox 4 beta is rolled out

Darren Allan

July 7, 2010

Mozilla has unveiled the first beta of its revamped web browser Firefox 4.

The Firefox 4 beta introduces a number of new features intended to keep the browser competitive with the likes of new contenders which are all vying for the position of second-in-command to Internet Explorer. Like Google Chrome, which has been making rapid strides of late.

In fact, the latest Firefox beta build has borrowed some “inspiration” from rival Chrome, situating its tabs at the top of the window a la Google.

Mozilla has also given the interface a good old polish on an overall level, with lots of minor tweaks such as the stop and refresh buttons being merged into a single button.

There are dozens of major enhancements to the browser in total, Mozilla says, with new features such as crash protection for plug-ins being introduced. So now when Flash crashes and burns, Firefox won’t go up in flames as well.

There’s also a new add-on manager, native support for the HD HTML5 WebM video format, plus more responsive page rendering is promised, and privacy improvements.

You can grab Firefox 4 Beta 1 from the Mozilla site, with the company planning to release new tweaked beta versions every two to three weeks.

The Firefox 4 beta client provides a new feedback add-on, to make it easier than ever to let the development team know what you love and hate about this fresh incarnation of the browser.


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