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July 7, 2010

Justin Bieber becomes most searched for celeb

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by Darren Allan

Justin Bieber has beaten Lady Gaga – not literally, of course, she’d kick his butt from here to Disneyland – to become the new most searched for person on the Internet in the UK.

So says the Ask Jeeves website. Well actually, the Facebook page for the site says: “Bieber rules the net! My Jeevesometer top search results show that you are all ever so curious about Internet sensation Justin Bieber!”

Not all of us, Jeeves. Personally we’re more curious about what that strange mould behind our washing machine in the kitchen is. And personally, we’d rather meet the strange mould in the kitchen than Bieber.

But there’s no denying the teenage celebrity’s meteoric rise to fame over the last year since he was discovered on YouTube (thanks, Google).

The Telegraph reports that Bieber is getting three times as many searches as David Beckham in the UK. David who?

Perhaps it’s time to start one of those campaigns to “Get a new celebrity to the top of Jeeves most searched for list”. Suggestions in the comments below, please (our preference would be Basil Brush).

Story link: Justin Bieber becomes most searched for celeb

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  1. wow, just wow.

    this boy was just a little kid singing on the streets to attract audience, now he has gone over the top. he is killin’it!!!
    and i really dont want to see the day when he grows up and all his fame and popularity will crush in the center of the earth.

    to all the haters….well this proves that justin bieber is already world wide spreading:]

    Comment by yasminbieber — July 7, 2010 @ 4:35 pm

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