Microsoft tracks down UK pirates

David Allen -

When a consumer buys a computer they assume that the operating system is legal, but it seems that may not always be the case and Microsoft has hired investigators to track down businesses that are selling computers with pirated software installed.

As a result of these investigations it turns out that Microsoft has come to some sort of an arrangement with twenty one computer retailers.

By this it has to be assumed that they are talking money rather than anything else.

It seems that four other retailers are under investigation for selling pirated copies of Microsoft products through the auction site eBay.

However, it seems that while businesses deal with the issue without legal action, it is the consumer that always ends up picking up the bill in one way or another.


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  1. John Coller says:

    Can Microsoft please make reinstalling a legitimate copy of Windows a bit easier please?

    Since retailers stopped shipping computers with a tangible CD it has become a complete pain and often trail and error to match the licence code with a compatible disk.

    E.g. SBS and XP have so many combinations of versions and service packs that it is a complete nightmare.

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