iRiver Wi-Fi Story e-reader on sale in UK

Darren Allan

July 9, 2010

The question of how many people are still looking to buy a dedicated e-reader after the release of the iPad is a debatable one. Why not get the latter, with its full colour screen and all the other trappings it boasts?

Of course, an obvious plus point of e-reader hardware is that it’s cheaper than Apple’s magical tablet. The cheapest iPad is £429, whereas a new wi-fi powered version of the iRiver Story has just gone on sale in the UK for £249.

The Wi-Fi Story comes with something else the iPad doesn’t have, too – a proper (but compact) keyboard underneath its 6 inch 800 x 600 greyscale display.

The Linux based device comes with 2GB of memory (expandable to 32GB), and has a speaker, headphone socket and microphone, plus it now comes with that all important wi-fi connectivity.

It’s actually been released in conjunction with WH Smiths, and it hooks up to the bookseller’s online store via the added wi-fi technology.

Iriver’s e-reader will also let you open Microsoft Office files and PDFs, and has a comic book reader so you can get your frame-by-frame fix.

It sounds a neat little device, but while the price might look vaguely reasonable stacked up against the iPad’s hefty tags, that’s less the case when compared to other e-reader hardware. The basic Kindle can currently be imported for £124, half the price of the Wi-Fi Story.

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