Government launches Spending Challenge website

July 12, 2010

The government has launched yet another new website; this time it is the Spending Challenge site.

It has been designed to offer the general public the chance to have their say on where they feel the government should cut back on the UK’s spending.

The government has to reduce the deficit and there are only a couple of ways of doing this, raising taxes and making cuts.

Making cuts to unpopular and underused services would be the first port of call and this is the consumers’ chance to have their say in this debate.

The site’s visitors rate ideas already registered or if their own idea is not on the site, then they have to chance to suggest it.


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  1. There is much news today about rhe advantages of giving GPs more autonomy in the belief that this would cut down costs.
    While this is probably true it must be remembered that GPs and their staff are only human and not necessarily cost conscious in all that they do.

    1. An extremely large part of the NHS budget is spent on providing huge quantities of tablets daily and the amount of potential waste here is enormous. Take the following as a typical example:

    “May I please see the doctor before I request my next 3 months tablets?

    I am afraid your doctor won’t be back for another two weeks but you can still request your tablets

    But he may want to change the tablets and what I then have would be wasted.

    Oh that wouldn’t matter”

    The point is a lot more thought needs to be given to the issuing of tablets so that tablets are not just thrown away.

    The doctor may ignore the tablets in hand or may be tempted to continue with them longer than is right for the patient In either case the result is a bad one.

    Yours sincerely

    Bernard Smith

  2. Tony Stratford says:

    I suggest that all claimants of DLA & Incapacity Benefit etc should be checked out at their homes, without sending any correspondence or making any phone calls beforehand. This would be a follow up to make sure their claims are legitimate as some people are able to fool doctors and government officials into believing they are incapable of work and looking after themselves on a day to day basis, when in fact they work on the black market and do all sorts of DIY projects on their houses, some council owned houses, and also claim housing and council tax benefit in full. Some people have stocks of medical aids, they don’t need, to help back up their case for DLA & IB.

  3. Bob R says:

    The site’s down now with “502 bad gateway errors”

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