IPTV subscribers to reach 102 million by 2014

July 13, 2010

The worldwide audience for IPTV is set to grow to 102 million by 2014, which is an increase of around 25 per cent, according to the Multimedia Research Group (MRG).

It seems that the current financial status has not had any detrimental effect on the sector and on a global scale is currently out performing both cable and satellite TV.

Because of this interest in IPTV, many broadband and phone service providers have begun to look into this service and those already providing an IPTV service are looking at upgrading their bandwidth capacity to cope with the demand.

By 2014, it is expected that Europe will lead the world with 45 per cent of the market, while Asia will have 31 per cent and the US will have 19 per cent.


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