BBC News site gets new look

Darren Allan

July 14, 2010

Auntie Beeb has decided to redesign its news website, after several years of sticking with the same format.

Go nip over there and take a look now. As you’ll see, the Corporation has gone for a more modern, less staid design, with a bit of a more spacious feel.

The BBC also says the revamp makes better use of images and video, with bigger pics and clips, and it features a more prominent signposting of key stories. The main navigation menu is now situated along the top of the site, rather than down the side.

The redesign has also tweaked social aspects, introducing easier ways to share news stories, and links at the top and bottom of an article to one-click share on Twitter and Facebook. You can also view the most shared stories, along with the most read ones, in the popular stories box.

A good overhaul, we think, with a more pleasing to the eye layout, and the bigger images and video certainly don’t hurt either.


Comments in chronological order (3 comments)

  1. Chris Nevill says:

    It is awful. I much prefer the old version.

  2. P J Lee says:

    “more modern”, “less staid”, “bigger pics and clips”, “prominent signposting of key stories”, “one-click share on Twitter and Facebook”, “bigger images and video”…. all adds up to dumbed down and trashy looking.

  3. Jo Brad says:

    It is horrid. The idea may have been good but the execution failed miserably. Only an idiot would launch a site with so many ‘features’ not functional.

    As to the claim of bigger images and video - that all takes download time and makes the page less manageable for older computers and users not using broadband. BBC helped to create the ‘sound byte’ generation and now expects people to wait for their bulky, fluff-stuffed pages to load.

    Sorry BBC, your 2.5 seconds are up.

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