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July 14, 2010

Mobile use causing memory loss

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by David Allen

There is a term “use it or lose it” that can be applied to research carried out by the life assistance company CPP.

The study has found that as people in the UK become more reliant on their mobile and smart phones, the chances of them remembering important numbers becomes more unlikely.

This has been called “numerical amnesia” and the study found that 23 million Brits do not know their parents’ mobile phone numbers, while 30 million have no idea what their best friend’s mobile number is.

There are more figures available to prove the point, such as the 92 per cent that did not know their own home phone number, while 60 per cent do not know their parents’ home phone number.

It was also found that 80 per cent of brits forget phone numbers five seconds after hearing them.

Story link: Mobile use causing memory loss

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