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July 15, 2010

Apple about to address iPhone 4 antenna problems?

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by Darren Allan

Apple has called a press conference for tomorrow, and rumour has it that the company will be addressing the iPhone 4 antenna issue.

The new iPhone’s antenna has proved problematic as it’s external, running around the edge of the phone’s outer casing. Some users have reported reception problems and loss of signal when touching their phone in the bottom left hand corner.

Apple has previously said this was a software glitch and the signal strength bars on the iPhone were reporting incorrectly.

But that doesn’t explain why some people have reported calls dropping – if it was purely a software faux-pas, they would stay connected despite the signal bar reduction.

The fact that certainly not everyone is affected by this issue, however, suggests that perhaps there’s a faulty batch of phones, and this is what the latest rumours are seizing upon. And the possibility that Apple will be issuing a recall and replacement in tomorrow’s conference.

Or at the very least, the company will offer a solution – the Wall Street Journal floats the idea of free rubber “bumper” cases, though we can’t say we’d be too impressed with this if we owned a dodgy iPhone 4.

Apple is not saying what the conference will be about, however, and the company is keeping predictably tight-lipped.

The recall rumour has been leant some strength by Gizmodo, who reported that several of their readers have already had their iPhone 4s swapped, and are unable to replicate the issue on the replacement handset.

All this comes after the Consumer Reports website decided to no longer recommend the iPhone 4 due to tests it had conducted on the antenna. One thing’s for sure – this is all a bit of a PR disaster for Apple thus far, so the rescue act better be a good one.

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