UK broadband for all target pushed back to 2015

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

It seems that the target date of 2012 for hooking up all the broadband “not-spots” (out of the way rural areas that can’t get a connection) in the UK is going to be pushed back.

The Telegraph and Guardian both reported that Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said it was not practical to meet Labour’s previous pledge to get rural areas hooked up to a minimum of 2Mbps broadband by 2012.

Hunt told a meeting of telecoms operators that there simply weren’t the funds in place to keep the previous government’s promise.

The 2Mbps minimum won’t happen until 2015 now, previously mentioned as the target date for Britain to have the fastest broadband in Europe.

Hunt had also previously called the 2Mbps broadband pledge Labour made “pitifully unambitious”. Although if we can’t reach that until 2015 now, what are the chances of us being top of the European broadband league in 2015?

Of course, politics always has its bluster. With the current state of the economy and cuts, we wouldn’t be surprised if the speed of deployment of super-fast broadband in the UK wasn’t particularly super-fast to say the least.

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  1. Peter Collins says:

    Instead of making then retracting promises about Broadband - Let us see some clear penalties for the ISP’s who consitantly lie and mislead their customers about speeds and services. No more ‘Up to 8mb’ services, let’s have the truth when customers sign up and realistically can only get a 256kb download and not the 8mb promised…… Hit these cheats with harsh penalties then perhaps the customers will get a fair and honest deal !!!

  2. Michael Fourman says:

    All the fine words come to nothing. Finland will have 100Mb/s within reach of every home by 2015.
    We need to remove obstacles (business rating of fibre & masts and Crown Estate charges for submarine cable) and establish a backbone fibre network within reach of every community.

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