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July 16, 2010

Apple brings out iOS update to fix signal bars

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by Darren Allan

Apple has released an update to its iPhone operating system which fixes the incorrectly displaying signal strength bars.

iOS 4.0.1 rejigs the formula that Apple’s smartphone employs to calculate and display signal strength, and this is the firmware fix which Apple talked about in its open letter two weeks ago.

It’s the software glitch which has been mostly causing the infamous antenna problem, Apple claimed in that open letter, as people have been witnessing large drops in signal strength when the bottom left hand corner is touched.

Apple did acknowledge that gripping the phone in a certain way could cause some attenuation, but added that this is true of any phone, including older iPhones. The company said the bars display issue was making the drop look far worse than it actually was on the iPhone 4.

But why, then, have some people clearly had an issue with the iPhone 4 dropping calls (not just signal bars) and not the iPhone 3GS. The Consumer Reports website has compounded Apple’s problems, when the website switched its recommendation to the 3GS over the fourth-gen iPhone, as we reported earlier this week.

At any rate, Apple’s next move comes later today at a hastily convened press conference, where the company is set to further discuss the issue. Whether any admission will come of some hardware fault that may be affecting some iPhone 4s, we’ve only got a few more hours to find out.

The fact of the matter is, the latest iOS update obviously won’t do anything for those who are actually dropping calls, and apparently need a bumper or case protecting the bottom left hand corner of the iPhone 4 to solve this. Not a very elegant solution for the world’s supposedly most elegant smartphone.

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