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July 16, 2010

SwiftKey speeds up touchscreen typing

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by Darren Allan

The beta version of SwiftKey, an Android app produced by TouchType, has just been unleashed to help smartphone owners speed up their touchscreen typing by using predictive text.

The company claims it can up your touchscreen typing speed by as much as 50% over the norm, by guessing what words you’re about to type in.

SwiftKey is supposedly more accurate than your average predictive text (and a good job too), because that uses word lists, whereas TouchType’s app employs more complex language modelling which takes into account the context of words in a sentence.

TouchType claims on its website: “With SwiftKey, your next word is predicted with such incredible accuracy that a third of suggestions are right first time and usually you won’t need to press more than two letters.”

The app is available in multiple languages, and the company even says it can adjust itself and learn from your particular writing style, predicting not just the next word, but potentially multiple following words based on your past writing habits.

If these claims hold up, SwiftKey could be something of a revolution in screen-based typing. You can check it out yourself and download the beta app from the Android Market now.

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