Freesat considering pay TV option

July 20, 2010

The free-to-view satellite digital TV provider, Freesat, is said to be considering something that appears to be against all what the broadcaster stands for, a pay TV option.

This follows the Ofcom ruling that satellite rival BSkyB must offer its premium sports channels at reasonable wholesale rate.

This means that although Freesat is effectively free-to-view, there could be the option for some viewers to subscribe for premium services such as the Sky Sports package.

This seems to be a perfectly easy thing to operate.

The viewer pays a subscription and receives a smart card from Freesat.

This card is inserted into the set top box’s card slot and access is granted, but unfortunately for Freesat viewers, the majority of set top boxes in circulation have no card slot!


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  1. Peter Hoskins says:

    we all knew this would happen eventually,
    funny how most box’s don’t have card readers in.

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