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July 20, 2010

White iPhone not due end of July?

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by Darren Allan

During his “Antennagate” press conference last Friday, which was called to deal with the whole iPhone 4 reception issue, Steve Jobs also mentioned the fabled white iPhone 4.

He said that the white wonder would be shipping come the end of this month, although given the various stock issues surrounding the launch of Apple’s smartphone (which has been flying out despite Antennagate), we expressed our scepticism about whether this would be the case.

And indeed, it seems the white iPhone might not be landing that soon, if a report at Engadget is on the money.

This states that the Chinese factory which is responsible for producing the iPhone’s glass panel is having problems getting the exact paint thickness and opacity correct.

In other words, spot on enough to get a gleaming white that Steve Jobs will approve of. Nice to see Apple has such high aesthetic standards – we won’t mention the antenna (everyone’s doubtless sick of that now, anyway).

So when will the alternatively coloured iPhone finally land in the UK? Who knows, but it seems that if you want a white iPhone 4 before the close of July, you’ll probably have to do-it-yourself with some Tippex.

Story link: White iPhone not due end of July?

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