Codemasters CEO anticipates possible 2011 Kinect price drop

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

We’ve reported on the official pricing of Kinect already this morning. Microsoft’s motion control system will retail at £130, although it does come with a game, Kinect Adventures.

And if you purchase it bundled with the new slim Xbox Arcade 4GB, that will set you back £250, meaning the Kinect is effectively priced at £100 here.

Rod Cousens, CEO of game developer Codemasters, thinks there’s a good possibility Microsoft will drop the price of the standalone Kinect peripheral to that £100 level next year. He told CVG that the company could drop the bundled Kinect Adventures game to bring the asking price down.

However, Cousens still expects the motion controller to sell well this Christmas at the £130 mark, with hardcore Xbox’ers willing to fork out for the latest high tech gadgetry.

He told CVG: “Microsoft will be confident about selling all it can make this year. Thereafter, it will be interesting to see if there is rapid downward price migration early on in 2011.”

As usual, if you can wait, you will likely be rewarded.

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