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July 21, 2010

Imperva upgrades database activity monitoring for mainframe users

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by Janet Harris

Imperva, the leader in data security, announced today it will partner with NEON Enterprise Software to provide best in class database auditing capabilities for DB2 on z/OS.

Imperva and NEON will integrate and embed NEON’s proven DB2 auditing technology into Imperva’s Securesphere Data Security Suite.

The addition of NEON technology to the Imperva SecureSphere Suite expands Imperva’s existing support for auditing DB2 for z/OS via integration with IBM Audit Management Expert (AME), enabling Imperva customers to choose from the broadest range of options to support their mainframe environments.

“The mainframe market historically has lacked cost-effective options for database protection, forensics and auditing,” explained Amichai Shulman, Imperva’s CTO.

“With this integration, Imperva will provide the broadest range of z/OS deployment options for Database Activity Monitoring with a seamless integration into Imperva’s Data Security suite.

“This will allow Imperva customers to deploy practical solutions to secure their critical data without breaking the bank.”

The key capabilities Imperva’s SecureSphere integration with Neon include:

· A native z/OS collector covering all local and privileged activities. The collector extends Imperva’s existing network traffic monitoring of DB2 on z/OS.

· Granular auditing of sensitive DB2 objects without resource-intensive internal tracing facilities; no changes to DB2 schema is required.

· Offload of most processing to zIIP specialty processors to minimize impact on mainframe central processors and avoid increasing mainframe software licensing costs.

· Real-time event capture onto SecureSphere’s MX Management server to deliver immediate access to audit records for forensics and analytics as well as real-time alerting on suspicious activities.

“Mainframe users are concerned more than ever with the integrity and cost-effectiveness of their mainframe environment,” said Andy Galewsky, Neon’s VP of Engineering.

“Our DB2 for z/OS auditing technology uses the fewest system resources yet collects the most auditing data with almost no impact to a DBA.

“We are excited to deliver this to mainframe users as part of Imperva’s recognized data security solutions.”

Story link: Imperva upgrades database activity monitoring for mainframe users

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