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July 21, 2010

Microsoft confirms Kinect will be £130

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by Darren Allan

It’s official – the rumours first started by retailer ShopTo about the cost of Kinect, the motion control system for the Xbox, are true.

It will indeed cost £129.99, a rather heavy price tag which we were hoping was a bit of an exaggeration.

The Kinect sensor will come with Kinect Adventures, which encompasses twenty motion control mini-games such as navigating raging rapids and negotiating a mountain top obstacle course.

We’re just not sure that with this price, Microsoft isn’t shooting itself in the foot rather and limiting the appeal and spread of the device.

Matters are at least more palatable if you’re buying the console bundled with the motion controller.

A new Xbox 360 Arcade with a 4GB hard drive – the redesigned slim model complete with wi-fi and dedicated Kinect port – will set you back £249.99 complete with the Kinect. As the console retails at £150, that means you’re getting the Kinect for £100, the price we were hoping MS might be shooting for in the first place.

The new budget Xbox will be available on the 20th August in the UK.

Chris Lewis, VP, Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft Europe, commented: “Kinect for Xbox 360 offers fantastic new ways to be entertained for the whole family. With full body, voice and multiplayer play straight out of the box, Kinect is a unique way for everyone to enjoy controller-free fun and entertainment.”

Having said all this, we’re still excited to actually try Kinect. Microsoft also announced that Kinect games such as Kinect Sports will retail at £39.99.

Story link: Microsoft confirms Kinect will be £130

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