Easynet sold by BSkyB

July 23, 2010

The rumours may have been correct about BSkyB looking to sell Easynet, but some of the facts appear to have been blurred in the process.

But now the deal has been done and it turns out that BSkyB has sold the business broadband part of Easynet to the UK based private equity group, LDC.

BSkyB paid around £210 million for the firm back in 2005 but in this deal, it has sold Easynet Global Service to LDC for around £100 million.

This means that while BSkyB has offloaded this business arm, it keeps the UK based network for Easynet, allowing the firm to grow its residential network.

Although, under the agreement, LDC will have access to the fibre network that currently supports Sky Talk and Sky Broadband.


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