MySpace plunges in popularity with user base halved

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

While Facebook has just announced 500 million global users, with Zuckerberg already looking towards the billion mark, MySpace isn’t faring quite so well.

That’s no great surprise to anyone, but what is a surprise is just how much the once well trammelled site is now faltering.

The Telegraph reports that statistics from ComScore show that Myspace has dropped 49% of its user base over the last year.

The site’s number of users has almost halved from 6.5 million in May 2009, to 3.3 million in May of this year. MySpace exceeded the 100 million user mark when it was at its zenith, a figure Facebook has now totally obliterated.

ComScore’s figures also revealed that the UK Facebook population is a rather staggering 30 million in itself. Four out of five people who are online in the UK use the social networking site.

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