iPhone users abroad get billed despite turning off roaming

Darren Allan

July 24, 2010

Some more work has landed on the desk of Apple’s beleaguered PR department, as if they haven’t had enough trouble spinning their way out of Antennagate.

Reports indicate that some owners of Apple iPhones have been hit with substantial bills for surfing on their handsets abroad, even when they’ve had roaming charges turned off.

The Daily Mail claims that one woman, who went on a trip to the States, was billed to the tune of £1,500 when she got home, even though she insists she was using wi-fi for her mobile net activity, and had data roaming switched off.

MoneySavingExpert.com also reports that a member of its team was charged last month while only using local wi-fi to browse the web on their iPhone abroad.

He was on O2 which, according to the Mail article, is where the majority of the complaints have come from (though the company does have the biggest iPhone user base).

An O2 spokesman told the Mail: “We are investigating these problems with Apple.”

However, should this happen to you, most people seem to be getting a refund without too much trouble, as you would hope. MoneySavingExpert.com advises those travelling should have the most up to date software on their iPhone to minimise any risk of things going awry.

The EU has recently introduced measures to place a cap on mobile roaming charges of 50 Euros – although that only applies in Europe, of course, not the rest of the world.


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  1. Shadow says:

    Ahahahah the apple gods have turned. Thank you!

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