HMV says Microsoft Kinect out in the UK on November 19th

Darren Allan

July 26, 2010

It seems that while Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed the street date for Kinect, its up and coming motion controller for the Xbox, a popular UK retailer has.

HMV is listing Kinect as being released on November 19th, a Friday, with the peripheral available to pre-order now.

Other retailers such as Amazon haven’t got a date listed yet, leading to speculation that HMV might have let the motion controlled cat slip out of the bag before Microsoft’s ready.

It’ll be out two weeks previous to that in the US, the HMV website also states. Pricing is as confirmed last week, £130.

If that’s too rich for you, it might be worth waiting until next year, when Microsoft may decide to drop the price. You do get a game included (Kinect Adventures) with the £130 bundle, so there’s a possibility the peripheral itself could become available minus that game, priced around the £100 mark.


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