Say it with an engraved iPad come Christmas

Darren Allan

July 26, 2010

It seems that come the end of the year, Apple may be offering to engrave its magical iPads.

So if you buy the tablet as a gift for someone, you’ll be able to get a personalised message engraved on the case.

This rumour springs from the Erictric blog, which claims that an anonymous source within the company informed them of this fact.

“From what I understand, Apple’s going to be offering customers the option to get their iPads engraved just before the Holidays roll around”, the source wrote in an email.

This seems more likely as it’s something Apple has already implemented with the iPod.

The source also says that the engraving will likely come at no charge, in an effort to boost sales of the tablet over the Christmas period. Again, this sounds sensible to us, as the iPod engraving service is also free.

So what message would you get etched into your, or your partner’s iPad for all eternity? We think we’d go for: “I could have purchased an arm and a leg, but instead I bought this 3G tablet.”

Apple is already off to an impressive start with the initial sales of the iPad, which has shifted over 3 million units already.

Analysts have recently revised their sales estimates upwards, now thinking that tablet sales will total between 11 and 13 million units this year, with the majority of those being the iPad. Which will certainly make for a merry Christmas at the Jobs household.


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