Sony PS3 Move pricing confirmed for UK

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Sony has clarified exactly how much its Move motion control system will set back PS3 owners in the UK, and spilled the details on the contents of its starter pack.

The Move motion controller itself will cost £35, with the PlayStation Eye camera £25, and the sub-controller £25 (though you don’t have to buy this, Sony points out it’s optional, as a normal controller can be used instead).

The Move Starter Kit will contain both the motion controller and Eye, and will cost £50, which will save you a tenner against the price of buying them separately.

The starter kit also comes with nine playable demos to give this motion malarkey a try-out, which include Sports Champions, Start the Party, The Shoot, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and others.

Okay, so there’s no full bundled game here, but that’s because of the basic £50 price tag, which is likely to be an enticing prospect when it comes to the motion controller’s adoption. People often look at that bottom line, and then go on to buy extras like the sub-controller later…

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  1. Mark says:

    can’t wait to get one. It’s got way more appeal to me than Kinect has (which from what the internet rumours are saying, it turning into a lagfest joke, with some SERIOUS recognition problems).

  2. Kieran says:

    cough..nintendo wii..cough

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