Samsung Galaxy tablet will be out in September

Darren Allan

July 31, 2010

Samsung has confirmed that its iPad challenger, the Galaxy tablet, will be out this quarter.

In other words, before the end of September, Reuters reports. The Android based tablet will come sporting a 7 inch screen, so a bit more compact than Apple’s magical effort.

It’s also likely to be running a 1.2GHz processor, backed up by 16GB of storage (on the basic model), with wi-fi and 3G.

Samsung will doubtless be hoping that it can make the same sort of impact as its namesake Galaxy S smartphone, which has produced some big waves in the high-end handset world of late.

Although the company is going to have a great deal of competition, with a lot of manufacturers jumping on the tablet bandwagon, what with analysts’ predictions of tablet sales of 11 to 13 million units this year alone (the majority of which will be the iPad).

It would seem that Samsung has stolen the march on rivals such as HP and LG, however, and will be the first to face the might of the iPad.

When we first reported on Samsung’s tablet last month, it was bearing the name the Galaxy Tape, with the last word hopefully having fallen by the wayside. And quite rightly so, it made it sound technologically obsolete in our opinion, reminding us of tape recorders. Either that or tape worms, which wasn’t any more pleasing an image.


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  1. Moo says:

    . . . Why is there a picture of a Macbook in this article? :|

  2. weedfreer says:

    Will it have a high resolution Super AMOLED Screen?? That alone will be interesting. The weight savings and increased battery efficiency offered by such tech alone will be a jaw dropper.

    Just hope they get rid of the cheap feeling plastic and stick with the Google android standard desktop features…either that or make more than a half arsed effort.

    Starter for 10…make the address book system more Outlook centrick…i.e. if we want to organise by business name and our contacts’ middle name then gawd dang we should be able to!!

  3. Ahmet says:

    Well they done a good job competing with the iPhone so I’m confident they will do the same with the tablet!

  4. Darren Allan says:

    Hi Moo, it’s just a generic picture, one of a few that goes with the stories in the “computer news” category.

    Weedfreer, from what I’ve seen, rumour has it that it will be an AMOLED display, although this isn’t confirmed yet.

  5. weedfreer says:

    Sweet! Hope they are…I think the prevention of the roll out of this type of technology is almost verging on criminal….almost as criminal as charging upwards of £2,500 for an 11″ OLED screen as Sony have been doing for the past few years.

    Hopefully, this will be the shove that the screen manufactuers need to start adopting the Super AMOLED architecture and put an end to the illusion that OLED is for the rich and privilaged only!

    We’re always being told that, best way of ‘saving the planet’ is to reduce our carbon emisions. The fact that Plasmas are still for sale and there is nobody within the various governments of the world who are willing to dictate that AMOLED’s are the future leads me to believe that they can’t actually be ‘that’ serious about it or that they are being influenced by people they shouldn’t oughter have been.

    Best way of cutting the carbon use is to reduce the requirement for demand. OLED’s use a LOT less energy, are lighter and require less packaging than anything out there currently, have the potential to be a lot much more high definition than anything out there at present, and could even lead to roll up screens.

    Considdering all the above, savings in transportation costs/energy and home energy use alone would be worth it. Of course they’d alsways be loosers in the process..oil producers and electrical suppiers to name a few (leave you to draw your own conclusions on that one).

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