T-Mobile now selling the iPhone 4

Darren Allan

July 31, 2010

Apple’s next-gen smartphone is now being flogged by T-Mobile in the UK.

You can pick up the 16GB and 32GB variants of the handset in black since yesterday, although on contract only as PAYG options aren’t yet available. They are “coming soon”, according to the website.

Unfortunately we’re not going to get too excited about the prospect of the iPhone 4 on T-Mobile, as the operator brings with it one of the less competitive pricing plans.

If you want to bag your handset for free, you’ll need to pay £60 per month for a 16GB phone on a two year plan, which gives you unlimited minutes (3000 minutes as per the fair use policy), 500 texts and 1GB of data.

As we’ve previously pointed out, that doesn’t compare brilliantly with the better deals out there, such as 3 which offers a free 16GB handset at the £45 per month level (admittedly with less minutes at 2000, but more texts at 5000, and the same 1GB of Internet).

T-Mobile’s mid-range plans for the iPhone 4 16GB give you the phone for £179 on a £30 per month deal over two years, with 300 minutes and texts, plus 500MB data.

For £35 per month, you get the handset for £119, plus 600 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB.

The one interesting feature of T-Mobile’s tariffs is that the company offers a budget friendly £25 per month deal. It comes with 100 minutes and texts, and 500MB of data, although the 16GB smartphone will set you back £279.

However, Vodafone also has a £25 per month deal which charges £219 for the 16GB handset, £60 less. While that comes with just 75 minutes, it boasts more texts at 250, and twice the mobile data at 1GB.


Comments in chronological order (3 comments)

  1. bob says:

    you fail to mention the ability to add flexible boosters to the T-Mobile packages which can offer unlimited texts on any call plan.

  2. Matt Jurek says:

    You did not mention a source.

  3. Brian Turner says:

    Matt, that’s because we got the info from T-Mobile! :)

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