Garriott gets $28 million in damages from NCsoft

Darren Allan

August 2, 2010

Richard Garriott, or Lord British as he’s more commonly known to gamers, has won $28 million in a lawsuit against his former publisher NCsoft.

While NCsoft claimed he left the company of his own volition to pursue other interests, Garriott said he’d been given the boot at the end of 2008.

This was an important issue because having left “voluntarily”, he was forced to sell up his stock options in unfavourable market conditions. Had he been fired, he’d have been able to keep his stock longer term, and would have done much better financially as a result.

But with this $28 million dollar judgement, it seems things have worked out pretty well for him anyway. Garriott said he was “extremely pleased” with the decision.

It’s around about the same amount of money he reportedly paid to go on a space flight back in 2008.


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