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August 2, 2010

InTechnology announces backup storage deal

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by Janet Harris

InTechnology’s message to businesses is can you afford to NOT back-up your data?

So with this in mind InTechnology are currently offering 100GB of data backup storage free with every 100GB of data stored for the duration of the contract.

Issues with traditional backup
Many businesses still rely on traditional tape backup solutions which are manual, error-prone, offer poor backup performance and often exceed the backup window.

Restore speeds are slow and there is usually no restore SLA.

Tape backup leads to extensive network usage or to hardware and software located at each site.

More worrying is the fact that data is unencrypted before taking it offsite with no tested disaster recovery or business continuity provision, added to which there are high up front costs and fixed capacity.

“Too many businesses continue to struggle with manual tape and are unable to accommodate the exponential data growth which has led to tough challenges for modern business,” explains Stefan Haase, Product Director – Data Cloud Services.

“Online backup, offered as a managed service, answers these challenges - securely and efficiently protecting servers and key applications against data loss.

“It benefits the IT Director by freeing up his/her time; the Financial director secures a value for money deal and the CEO is able to focus on improving company productivity.”

Features of the InTechnology service

Its ability to immediately move backed up copies of data securely off-site, away from any potential site disaster, is a key differentiator. Automation and deduplication, as well as greater security, reliability, and easier, more centralised administration, suggest that online backup is the right choice for businesses that are serious about protecting their business-critical data.

Other benefits include:

No set up charges
Fast online data restore
24×7 availability and support
Free up IT resource
Improved business continuity
Cost savings through pay-as-you-go model
Improved productivity for system administrators and end users
Improved efficiencies and reduced risk compared to tape backup

Story link: InTechnology announces backup storage deal

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