iPhone 4 gets browser based jailbreak

Darren Allan

August 2, 2010

Jailbreakme 2.0 has been released to allow iPhone 4 owners to jailbreak their handset, as well as previous generation iPhone owners, and for that matter iPad or iPod Touch devotees.

Jailbreaking is the name of the process of unlocking the device to allow it to run third-party apps which Apple hasn’t approved.

What’s particularly novel about Jailbreakme 2.0, which was developed by a hacker called Comex, is that it works without the need for a computer – you can run it straight from the iPhone’s browser.

Jailbreaking was recently ruled legal in the States, although you’re still messing around with Apple’s smartphone at your own risk.

There have been some reports of problems with FaceTime after applying this jailbreak, but according to Comex’s Twitter account, this issue has now been fixed.

iPad users should probably hold off for now, though, as there have been problems with jailbreaking the tablet which Comex says “might” have been fixed by the latest update, but that isn’t confirmed yet.


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