Carphone Warehouse launches Music Anywhere streaming service

Darren Allan

August 3, 2010

Carphone Warehouse has launched Music Anywhere, a music streaming service which enables you to access your library of tunes on the go.

It’s different to the traditional streaming service in that it essentially creates a cloud-based duplicate of the existing music library on your computer, registering which tracks you own and allowing you to access them anywhere.

If Music Anywhere doesn’t already have a copy of one of your tunes in its six million strong repertoire, it can upload the song directly to your account, so you’ve always got access to your entire collection of music at any location, via a mobile device or someone else’s computer.

It’s certainly a novel idea for those who have a collection of tunes which is too big to fit on their MP3 player, although with the capacities you can get these days, we wonder how big the target audience really is.

Music Anywhere will come with apps available on Android, BlackBerry and the iPhone, and is priced with budget in mind at £29.99 for a year (which works out at £2.50 per month).

There are some concerns, the Telegraph notes, that the service could be used to spy on those who have pirated MP3s.

Catch Media, the firm behind the service, told the newspaper that “in extreme cases where it becomes apparent that most of a person’s music collection has in fact been pirated”, the user could have their account closed down.

Quite how Catch Media will determine whether material is pirated is not known as this juncture.


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  1. Ellen says:

    £29.99? C’mon…there are more affordable placeshifting services out there.

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