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August 4, 2010

iOS4 PDF flaw hits Apple devices

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by Darren Allan

If you have an Apple device running iOS4, from an iPhone to iPad, you need to be careful about what websites you’re visiting with PDF content.

This is because Gizmodo has highlighted a flaw with the PDF format which can be used to malicious ends via the Safari browser in iOS4.

Just visiting a website with PDF content will load it automatically, and the exploit in question can be hidden in a font which causes a stack overflow, allowing malicious code a direct route in to your device.

Once the malware has taken over, it can execute any action, such as deleting all your files, sending them somewhere, or whatever similar nastiness the hacker desires.

Given that this is a critical threat, we’d expect a patch from Apple pretty quick smart. In the meantime, as Gizmodo recommends, you’re best not to visit any direct PDF links in your browser, or indeed load PDF files which aren’t from a known and trusted source.

Story link: iOS4 PDF flaw hits Apple devices

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