Our survey says… Kinect too highly priced

Darren Allan

August 4, 2010

Ever since Microsoft’s motion control system Kinect had its pricing announced, we’ve been saying that it runs the risk of turning Xbox owners off with its £130 tag.

Whereas Sony’s basic Move motion controller starter package for the PS3 only runs to £50. There’s a lot more to the story than this – see the arguments we covered in our piece on the issue last week – but it seems like the public might agree with our initial gut reaction.

A survey by Groupola.com (which was brought to our attention by Now Gamer) asked 2000 gamers about their motion control plans, and the results were quite startling.

A healthy 64% of PS3 owners indicated they were planning on picking up the Move Starter Kit, whereas only 23% of Xbox’ers said that they were intending to buy Kinect.

77% of those with an Xbox 360 thought the price of £130 was too much to ask for Kinect.

Although the other cause for lack of enthusiasm, aside from the price, might be that only 19% of Xbox owners were impressed with the Kinect titles which were unveiled at E3.

All of which isn’t a particularly good omen for Microsoft in the battle of motion controllers.


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