Upset Vodafone HTC Desire owners get 360 update not Froyo

Darren Allan

August 4, 2010

Vodafone released an update for HTC Desire owners this morning, who were expecting it to be the imminent upgrade to Android 2.2, or Froyo as it’s also known.

Froyo, which was rolled out on the Nexus One back in June in the UK, comes with a considerable speed boost, full Flash support, and device tethering amongst other goodies.

However, it seems that the 2.2 update isn’t quite ready yet, and this was the “2.1 Update 1” patch, which many customers installed believing it to be Froyo.

It is, in actual fact, a package of Vodafone 360 bits and pieces, including new apps (a music store and web browser) and a new splash screen. What’s really annoyed people, aside from the fact that there was no Froyo to be had, was that the update altered their home page and added various miscellaneous bookmarks.

And with some of these bookmarks reportedly being for dating sites, there are plenty of noises about this being inappropriate for business users, or indeed anyone whose other half finds these links on their handset.

Interestingly enough, the thread full of complaints highlighted by The Register which we were perusing moments ago on the Vodafone forum has just disappeared. Ho-hum…

At any rate, one poster on that thread said they asked Vodafone if this update would be required to receive Android 2.2 when it was made available, which Voda replied wasn’t the case. So you can certainly give 2.1 Update 1 a miss. Whether or not Vodafone’s Froyo will come with all this stuff bundled anyway is, of course, another question.

We’d imagine it will, as Vodafone told TechRadar: “When we announced the HTC Desire we said that the device would be pre-loaded with 360 services.”

“Unfortunately, there was a delay in bringing these services to the Desire so that is what the latest over-the-air update brings.”


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  1. Dane says:

    I downloaded the upgrade last night and I have 3 of everything in messages. E.g 3 messages and 3 options in the menu. Not happy bunny.

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