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August 4, 2010

Vonage app allows Facebook friends to communicate

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by Darren Allan

VoIP outfit Vonage has produced an app on Android and the iPhone which allows Facebook friends to communicate with each other at no cost.

The app, which will also work on other Apple devices such as the iPod Touch (and soon the iPad), uses the Voice over Internet Protocol to connect socially networked friends who have installed the program.

It’s free and works over both 3G and wi-fi, the Guardian reports. Upcoming versions of the program will include premium functions, instant messaging and SMS.

As the Guardian points out, the only potential downside to this is that anyone on your Facebook friends list will be able to call you if they’ve installed the app as well, as there’s currently no way to block specific people.

Of course, those folk you have as friends on Facebook, and those folk you’d be happy to take phone calls from are probably quite different kettles of social fish. The capability to block certain friends is in the pipeline, however, Vonage promises.

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