BT Infinity broadband ads get pulled due to “instant” claims

Darren Allan

August 5, 2010

BT has been slapped on the wrist over its advertising campaign for the company’s new super-fast broadband service called Infinity.

Infinity is BT’s fibre-to-the-cabinet scheme which offers connection speeds of up to 40Mbps.

The adverts in question claimed that the service provided “instant Internet”, and Advertising Standards were brought on the case after there were four complaints made by consumers, the reports.

The claim of “instant” was labelled misleading, as if it would give the impression that you could download an HD movie in the blink of an eye, which obviously isn’t the case.

BT argued back that instant wasn’t expected to be taken as a literal definition, much like instant coffee isn’t made in a split-second. The company also stated that it provided typical download times elsewhere in the advert.

ASA said that there was no evidence it had seen to back up those quoted times, however.

For proper context, the whole affair has to be viewed against Ofcom’s recent research and conclusion that broadband providers are still misleading customers when advertising the speeds their lines can realistically reach. In that light, BT’s advertising tag-line doesn’t look so clever.

The states that BT, while disputing the ruling, has agreed to abide by it and change the ads. Although the BT Infinity website still talks about “the benefits of instant Internet” this morning.

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