Microsoft unveils final IE9 preview build

Darren Allan

August 5, 2010

Microsoft has pushed the fourth preview build of the Internet Explorer 9 web browser out the door.

This preview will be the last such build before the official beta is made available, which all being well, should be later next month.

Preview build 4 of IE9 brings with it fully hardware accelerated HTML5, and native JavaScript integration. In other words, the JavaScript engine is at the core of the browser, not bolted on.

In WebKit SunSpider JavaScript benchmark tests, this preview build was over ten times faster than IE8, a huge boost in speed. It was a touch behind Chrome and Opera, although this is still a preview version.

Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager, Internet Explorer, commented: “IE9 started from the premise that the modern web will deliver HTML5 experiences that feel more like native applications than sites.”

“Building on hardware-accelerated SVG, canvas, video, audio, and text, developers will use the power of the whole PC to achieve great performance. On the modern web, developers will use the same markup across different HTML5 browsers.”


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  1. Kyler IE Outreach Team says:

    Great post, for even more info, I recommend checking out the official IE blog post about the release:

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