Leaked iPod Touch snaps show front camera

Darren Allan

August 6, 2010

It’s another day on the Internet, and another set of leaked images, this time concerning the next generation of the iPod Touch.

The pics, which were highlighted by MacRumours, originate from an iPhone parts supplier and appear to show the front panel of an iPod Touch with a circular hole cut in the top.

This could only be for a front-facing camera, and indeed the rumour that the next iPod Touch will come with FaceTime is one that has already been floated by a buyer at retailer John Lewis last month.

As well as the previous buzz, this one is given extra weight by the fact that the snaps show an Apple copyright stamp on the panel, so if it is some manner of fake, it’s a good one.

It’s hardly definitive evidence, of course, but we won’t have long to wait now anyway, as Apple should be confirming the specs of the new iPod Touch in September. We’re betting the camera will be in there…


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