Facebook panic button prompts considerable rise in abuse reports

Darren Allan

August 12, 2010

The long running saga of Facebook and the CEOP panic button – a measure designed to give kids a button to click in the face of any inappropriate material or advances encountered on the social networking site – was finally resolved last month.

Facebook, which had long denied the need for an actual CEOP button, finally relented and added one, albeit in the form of an application that needed to be installed by the user.

And it seems after these measures went live in the last month, 211 youngsters have clicked the button to report abuse, the Press Association states.

In the month before the CEOP button application’s launch, just 28 kids had reported dodgy goings-on. That makes a more than seven-fold rise the panic button has ushered in.

The application has apparently been downloaded 55,000 times.


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