London underground iPhone app gets Boris Bike update

Darren Allan

August 12, 2010

Boris riding about London on his bike has become a familiar sight on the TV news. In fact, his biking antics are now so famous, a new cycle rental scheme which has started up in the capital is known informally as Boris Bikes.

And now London Cycle Hire information has been made available on the official London Tube iPhone app.

Although you have to purchase the “Leisure Points of Interest” pack within the app to get the bike info, along with details of other leisure related pursuits around the city.

The app allows you to find the nearest cycle hire station from your GPS location, and it marks all the bike stations on Google Maps.

An augmented reality function also lets the user see the nearest bike hire point using the iPhone’s camera live view. However, this AR facility is only available to those running iOS4 (on a 3GS or iPhone 4).

Of course, the London Tube app lets the user plan his or her underground journeys too, so it’s a useful tool for getting about the city. In fact, about the only thing it doesn’t tell you is Boris’s location, and we should probably be thankful for that mercy.


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