Google Street View in “dead” girl panic

Darren Allan

August 13, 2010

The images in Google’s Street View banks have featured a number of pranks and jokes, such as the woman flashing her bra at the window, and Aberdeen’s famous Horse Boy.

And now another one joins its ranks, although this one didn’t seem so funny at first, when a photograph appeared to show a girl collapsed, looking as if she might be dead, sprawled out in the street.

However, it turns out that the “body” was actually a nine-year-old girl playing a prank. The Telegraph reports that she was playing the pretend-that-you’re-dead prank on a friend, however, and not Google’s car-mounted camera.

In fact she didn’t realise the car was passing at all, so it’s a coincidence that it snapped the photograph.

Residents of the street in Worcester were worried about the image at first, and told the Telegraph that it was equally concerning that Google didn’t appear to report anything to police after having taken the picture. Which does indeed seem strange.

Google said that it has tools in place to report anything inappropriate or suspicious seen on Street View.


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  1. Maybe everyone should adopt this ‘face-down-on-the-pavement’ pose when the streetview car glides by. It would make for some surreal browsing :)

  2. Darren Allan says:

    Heh, aye. Or maybe bring back the dying fly from Tiswas ;)

  3. Laurence says:

    The more I think about this story why didn’t the driver stop the car to see if she was ok? Ok, maybe they didn’t see her but i’m sure if I saw a person lying on the pavement i’d check if they were ok. It says a lot about the world we live in. That said I bet the girl finds it hilarious, good for her.

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