Vodafone prepares for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet?

Darren Allan

August 16, 2010

Samsung’s iPad rivalling tablet may be coming out on Vodafone contracts, according to speculation on the net.

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet should be launched next month, and will be the first serious competitor of the many tablets due out which are aiming to grab a slice of the market Apple is thus far dominating.

Engadget posted a screen grab of Vodafone’s internal system, with the phrase “Samsung Galaxy Tablet Contract” nestled amongst the listings. That certainly isn’t confirmation, by any means, but we’d imagine there’s a fair chance this will happen.

Further details on the tablet’s spec have also recently emerged via a leak. The Galaxy Tablet will apparently boast a 7 inch 800 x 480 display, a processor running at 1GHz (not 1.2GHz as previously guessed), with the device powered by Android 2.2.

As soon as we get that confirmed release date and all important price, we’ll let you know. The price point will be interesting given that Apple’s magical gadget certainly doesn’t come cheap.

Analyst estimates for global tablet sales in 2010 run to 11 to 13 million units, most of which will be Apple’s iPad. The exact percentage, however, will be dependent on how much of an impact the likes of the Galaxy can make.


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  1. Cell mobile says:

    I am looking either getting the galaxy tablet or the iPad but I cannot decide!

    I was more drawn to the iPad but I seem to be turnin to the galaxy tablet now!

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