Apple plans HDTV in next few years?

Darren Allan

August 17, 2010

Apple might be producing its own High Definition TV as soon as 2012.

So says analyst firm Piper Jaffray, Apple Insider reports. Gene Munster reckons that a connected and fully fledged HDTV is due from the Cupertino outfit within the next two to four years.

The recently talked about Apple TV budget friendly set top box, with a limited amount of storage and access to an app store, is thought to be a stepping stone on the way to the big HDTV guns.

Munster envisages an Apple HDTV coming with an iTunes TV pass (which would demand a monthly subscription), that could be used to stream movies, games, and basically incorporate your console, satellite box and Blu-ray player all in one unit.

It’s an ambitious vision of the future, that’s for sure, particularly when you consider he sees the HDTV blowing a $2000 hole in the average wallet (with the iTunes subscription weighing in from $50 to $100 per month).


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  1. Lawrence Donnelly says:

    I’ll buy it!

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