Google may use PayPal for Android Market

Darren Allan

August 17, 2010

Discussions are currently underway between Google and PayPal, regarding the prospect of using the latter as an avenue for purchasing Android apps, Bloomberg reports.

Currently, those shopping in the Android Market have to use Google Checkout or a credit card.

Google’s hope, if the deal comes off, will be that giving developers another potential payment method will encourage them to produce more apps for Android. That in turn might lead to the OS catching up on the Apple store’s 225,000 apps (the Android market boasts around 70,000).

Android is certainly making great strides in terms of becoming a more popular operating system on smartphones. It’s now the number one OS on smartphones in the US with a 33% share, and at number three (just ahead of Apple) in terms of worldwide share with 17%, according to recent reports from NPD and Gartner.


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