Bing’s London Underground FAIL

Brian Turner

August 19, 2010

Microsoft are pushing hard with their Bing search engine, with a range of TV adverts supposedly showing how superior Bing is to rivals, specifically Google.

Unfortunately, the Bing team does not appear to have checked their results before promoting them on TV.

For example, Bing have made a point of making the London Underground a feature of their UK advertising.

But do a search on Bing for London Underground and you see the cracks appear - quite starkly.

Certainly it starts off with links to useful information - tube maps and similar, as you’d expect.

But then at the bottom of the page it shows a selection of photos and videos.

One of which is for a video for the “London Underground Song” by the Amateur Transplants, aka Adam Kay and Suman Biswas.

Not only does it start with a parental advisory, the Bing search shows a rather unfortunate screenshot of the lyrics:

The lesson is, if you are going to spend millions promoting a product at least check to see what users are seeing first.

In this instance, no doubt now that Techwatch has broken the news, it’ll spread and Bing will remove the offending video from their search results page from sheer embarrassment.

The question is, why were the Bing team so clueless as to not check what they were promoting on TV in the first place?

Surely one of the Bing team, in being told the ads would feature the London Underground, would check to see what results they were serving first?

No doubt Google will be quietly laughing to themselves, having pretty much addressed issues like this years ago.


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  1. MM says:

    Google has the same though…

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