Polaroid announces non-geeky 3D glasses

Janet Harris
Janet Harris -

Polaroid Eyewear has joined up with RealD to launch 3D specs designed to be more stylish and more effective than the current ones available.

The Polaroid Premium 3D Glasses have a curved-lens design and use the same ThermoFusion Technology used by the company to produce polarized lenses for its range of sunglasses.

The glasses, which come in a range of frames, allow viewers to experience the 3D effect with an uncompromising field of vision.

Polaroid also plans to offer styles that will fit over the viewer’s own prescription glasses and a junior version will be available for children.

The RealD certified glasses will be distributed to cinemas, opticians and retailers.

Polaroid recently announced that it is bumping up production at its plant in Dumbarton in order to take advantage of the growing 3D market.

The company is recruiting more staff to make the Premium 3D glasses.

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