UK is a nation of computer and TV zombies

Darren Allan

August 19, 2010

The latest research from Ofcom has found that UK citizens spend almost half their waking day looking at monitors, TVs or mobiles.

The average Brit spends just over seven hours per day texting, surfing the net, playing games, listening to the radio or watching TV programmes.

When you take off eight hours for sleep, that works out to be approximately 45% of the day.

What’s even more telling is that Ofcom reckons during this just over seven hours per day, folks manage to cram nearly nine hours of media consumption in via multi-tasking. For example, watching TV – or half-watching TV – while surfing on their laptop or smartphone.

Or perhaps simultaneously plotting a road route to Scarborough on their iPad while playing Dance Dance Revolution (with variable results, including an unintentional holiday in Doncaster, possibly).

Other statistics the Ofcom report revealed include the fact that we spend a quarter of our Internet time on social networking. The average TV viewing time is almost four hours a day, and it still remains the prime activity of an evening for relaxing after work.

Peter Phillips, Ofcom Partner, Strategy & Market Developments, commented: “For the first time we can see just how central media and communications are to our lives. Increasingly, mobile devices – especially smartphones – are used for multi-media, but live evening TV still remains the main entertainment event of the day.”

“Younger people have shown the biggest changes in how we use media – particularly using different media at the same time.”

But are they bothered? Probably not.


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