Demon launches prioritised gaming broadband package

Darren Allan

August 21, 2010

Demon Internet has launched a new product which will be of interest to World of Warcraft or Modern Warfare 2 addicts, or indeed any online gamers.

The new Game Pro broadband package promises prioritised bandwidth, with lower pings and less packet loss, to make for a smoother and less lagged online gaming experience.

You’ll pay for this privilege, naturally, at £22 per month, which is £3 per month more than normal customers on Demon’s up to 20Mbps (1Mbps upstream) package. That’s on a year long contract.

Of course, this raises the spectre of net neutrality, which has been floating about and making a lot of groaning noises this month courtesy of Google and Verizon’s recommendations on the subject.

Net neutrality is the concept that the Internet should remain a level playing field for all content, with no fast lanes or channels. Activists argue that the extra charges these will draw could lead to the creation of an Internet of haves and have-nots.

Demon told the Inquirer that because it has mostly business customers, and sees heavier usage during the day, it can afford to set aside more bandwidth in the evenings when Joe Gamer is most likely to be playing, without effecting the quality of current subscribers’ bandwidth.

And Demon isn’t the first ISP to offer an online gaming tailored broadband package. Aquiss has a range of gaming options which start from £25 per month.


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  1. Shadow says:

    Don’t see any problem with this. It is gaming where this truly has an affect and if you don’t game and you just want to browse or download then having a good ping, jitter etc isn’t an issue.

  2. seriously? says:

    Talk about hiding in plain site…

  3. chaoshax says:

    Pretty sure be broadband do this with gaming mode but for a much lower price?

  4. Mael says:

    Down with ISPs that aren’t Net Neutral!

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