Halo: Reach now on file-sharing sites

Darren Allan

August 23, 2010

The next instalment in the Halo series, Reach, is due out in just over three weeks time now.

However, at the weekend hackers managed to crack a review copy of the code on Xbox.com to download the game. And it’s already up on file-sharing sites, CVG reports.

Previously the group who nabbed the copy of Halo: Reach had said that they didn’t intend to release it to the public. However, it seems that was a bit of a porky, as the cracked version is now up on several sources.

Microsoft has said it is investigating the leak. The company might want to think about delivering hard copies of big review titles to games journalists, rather than sticking the entire game up online for download.


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  1. ShaneW says:

    I don’t unerstand why they didn’t just deliver them hard copies aswell they are just begging for people to hack it just sitting there 3 weeks early and if it’s finished give us our copies nooooooooow!

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