Kindle 3 out this Friday

Darren Allan

August 23, 2010

The revamped version of Amazon’s Kindle hardware is due out on Friday in the UK.

The online retailing giant will be hoping the improved version of the e-reader – with a sleeker design, faster response times, and new high contrast screen – will spark sales with a new more wallet friendly price tag.

And because you can now order the device direct from Amazon UK, there are no more hefty shipping charges either, meaning it’s possible to pick up the basic wi-fi Kindle for £109. The 3G version is a bit more costly at £149.

This aggressive price manoeuvring is thought to be a defensive reaction to the iPad, which is selling through very well for Apple. In a recent survey, Cooper Murphy Webb found that 41% of iPad owners said their preferred reading medium was their Apple tablet (even more than the printed book).

Amazon also recently launched the UK Kindle store, which holds a library of 400,000 plus e-books that Kindle owners can browse through.


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  1. F0ul says:

    while this is exactly the kind of tech I would spend my cash on - I won’t be while digital versions of new books cost more than their hardback versions - that is just mad!

  2. gogadgetgo says:

    Kindle books are cheaper, take a fresh look. I was surprised how much the prices have dropped, iBooks are more expensive.

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