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August 25, 2010

Google to put voice calling in Gmail

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by Darren Allan

In an addition to its Gmail service which Google hopes will be more popular than Buzz, the search company is apparently planning on integrating voice calling.

So says a report at Cnet, which claims Google is currently testing a voice system which would utilise VoIP to allow calls to be placed directly from a user’s inbox.

You’d be able to call mobiles and landlines in much the same way as with Skype, which is of course the service it will be aiming to usurp with this move.

A web based VoIP project has been seen coming by those who have been watching Google’s acquisitions lately, with the company making strides in the communications department by hoovering up outfits such as 2Web Technologies, Marratech and Gizmo5.

Story link: Google to put voice calling in Gmail

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