iTunes scam hits customers in PayPal pockets

Darren Allan

One of the latest growing cyber-scams is one which involves fleecing folks via their iTunes account and PayPal.

A TechCrunch article states that an increasing amount of reports are spreading across the net from people who have been caught up in this sting, with simple searches on Facebook and Twitter revealing unhappy victims.

The scammers are gaining access to folks’ iTunes accounts – possibly using a phishing email which records their password details – and then charging hundreds or thousands of dollars to the user’s account via PayPal. TechCrunch reports that PayPal says a large number of iTunes accounts have been compromised.

The exact scale of the problem isn’t known, and Apple certainly isn’t saying much at this point. PayPal has assured victims that any unauthorised charges will be refunded.

One Facebook user posted: “I just had over 600 bucks charged to my account. Someone purchased the same app over and over. Apple refused to work on this over the phone and said that the problem was on my end. Paypal claims to be having this problem a lot lately with Apple. I now have a bunch of random bank fees in addition to overdraft fees.”

As ever, be very careful about where you’re entering your iTunes password.

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